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The Yamaha Fc4 sustain pedal review


One of the best selling sustain pedals on the market, with a sturdy build, This pedal can also double as a footswitch.







Yamaha have a good reputation for making products which are durable and hardwearing, and this one is no exception.

It's sturdy mechanism and full-length pedal make it feel very much like playing a real pedal on an acoustic piano. (Unlike the Fc5, which looks and feels more like a footswitch than a sustain pedal).

The pedal has a 6 foot length cable - will reach easily from the floor to the socket on the back of the keyboard. Also not overly long and so unlikely to become twisted or knotted.

The Fc4 comes with a rubber bottom. This prevents the pedal from slipping away from you as you play the keyboard or electric piano.





The Fc4 does not have "Half-pedaling" capabilities. (Half-pedaling happens on acoustic pianos, where it is possible to attain something between sustained and dampened notes). For those wishing to have this feature, consider the more expensive Yamaha Fc3. However, check first with your manual to see if your keyboard supports midi pedals that can half-pedal - not all electric pianos can do this.

It does not have a polarity switch, and so will only work with Yamaha keyboards such as the P95 and some other makes.

Some users have found the pedal becomes a little "squeaky".





A well made pedal that would suit most professional and serious amateur use. Those preferring full pedal control should consider the half-pedalling features of the Fc3.





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