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Logitech USB desktop microphone review


The Logitech USB Microphone is a sleek, elegant model that provides crystal clear online conversations, through a simple USB connector which allows easy connection for immediate use. The modern pen-like design of the Logitech USB microphone is as attractive as it is efficient and will sit well on any desktop or conference table, as well as in the home. A sound recorder feature allows recording and playback of memos, correspondence, etc.




Logitech USB Microphone Features:

Pivotal Positioning
Lighted Power Switch
Digital USB
Noise Canceling Filters
8-Foot Cord
Height10.2 inches
Base Dimensions 5.4 x 2.2 inches
Weight 12.8 ounces
1-year Limited Hardware Warranty




There is no need for downloading of software; simply plugging in the USB connector leaves the microphone ready for use and the power switch illuminates when turned on.

Video calls and online conference calls are becoming increasingly popular in today's technological age and the Logitech USB microphone adds clarity to online calls, thanks to the advanced digital USB connection and outside interference filters; even in a busy office, only the user's voice is picked up.

A ball joint pivots on the weighted base to allow the microphone to be tilted to its best advantage and the extra length, eight-foot cord gives extra freedom of movement: the pivoting adjuster moves easily but holds firmly.

The microphone works best around a foot away from the mouth, giving clear sound without distortion and yet eliminates other voices or background sounds like machinery and air conditioning.

Consumer reviews for the Logitech USB microphone are excellent, with abundant five-star ratings. Most users are delighted with the elegant look of the microphone, as much as the outstanding results. The lighted power switch is especially useful; this allows the microphone to be permanently connected and then switched on or muted as necessary, with the light clearly showing when it is turned on.

Although connected via USB, the Logitech USB microphone is versatile thanks to it's long cord and can be conveniently placed anywhere on a conference table or in a large room without having to move the computer.

a very reasonable price tag - an elegant, efficient microphone within the reach of even a limited budget.





Some online reviews refer to low-volume pickup in the microphone. However, this may be a problem with incorrect settings in the PC rather than the microphone itself.

Unsuitable for high-fidelity recordings (e.g. if you want to capture a good take of a solo instrument or vocal line).





In summary the Logitech USB microphone represents great value for money if you are looking for a mic to record your podcasts or for skype calls etc. The clarity of conversation and the elimination of background noise are well above average, with everything contained in a slim, attractive, modern design.





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