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Guitar Midi Interface


This page explains what a guitar midi interface does, why it might be useful, and offers two product reviews - the Roland GI-20 Guitar MIDI Interface and the Sonuus i2M Musicport Universal Midi Converter.

MIDIRoland MPU 401 Box Photo: John R. Southern (Toronto, Canada)





What is guitar midi interface?

Guitar midi interfaces vary in complexity but what they essentially enable is this: to transform what you are playing on a guitar into midi data that can then play other sounds or electronic instruments, or add different types of effects to your playing.



other advantages of a midi interface

A guitar midi interface with an effects processor can enable you to easily and remotely change programs or patches.

An interface allows you to manipulate many set-ups in real time: adjusting all types of parameters, such as reverb depth, tremolo speed and the tap tempo function.

All of the guitar effect blocks can be quickly switched on or off.

The midi control also allows you to modify certain amp settings in real time, right in the middle of playing.




Product Reviews

There are many good professional guitar midi interfaces around. Among these, Roland GI20 Guitar MIDI Interface and Sonuus i2M Musicport Universal Midi Converter and USB Interface can be considered two of the best midi interfaces available on the market.


Roland GI-20 Guitar MIDI Interface


This interface makes a good job of detecting the signal from any electric guitar, allowing you totrigger samplers and synthesizers, or even to create a quality recording of your playing. It's built-in USB MIDI port makes this midi interface just perfect for computer-based recordings. The controls are generally easy to use - it has just a a few dedicated buttons for intuitive operation. It is perfectly constructed for compatability with the Roland XV-2020 Synthesizer Module. The Roland GI20 Guitar MIDI Interface also offers several transpose functions.

Link to roland website


Sonuus Midi Products i2M Musicport Signal Converter

link to sonuus site for further reading

The Sonuus converter combines a top-quality high-impedance audio interface with a very fast MIDI monophonic conversion that doesn't necessarily require any special pickups to be mounted on your guitar. This euipment can be used with others instruments as well - such as bass guitars, wind instruments and even the voice. The interface also uses the USB drivers which are built into your PC operating system, easing your work flow and offering a top plug-and-play experience.




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