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electronic music pioneers part 1 electronic music pioneers part 2
steve reich - minimalist a short history of the american composer

Different Trains
different trains - part one introduction and the use of music technology
different trains - part two thematic development
different trains - part three thematic development and continuity
different trains - part four dynamics and conclusions
different trains - table 1 tables 1.a. to 1.c
different trains - table 2 tables 2.a. to 2.g



different trains

tables analysing the work

(Please note that I was unable to have access to the score of the work, and so I notated and studied this all by ear. It can not be guaranteed error free!)


Different Trains - First Movement (Section) - Table 2.a. & 2.b.

Different Trains by Steve Reich - Table 2.a. and 2.b.


Different Trains - First and Third Movement (Section) - Table 2.c. & 2.d.

Different Trains by Steve Reich - Table 2.c. and 2.d.


Different Trains - Second and Third Movement (Section) - Table 2.e. to 2.g.

Different Trains by Steve Reich - Table 2.e. to 2.g.


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