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Invisible Tears

"Essentially a love story, Invisible Tears also provides a thought provoking peek at the ways in which people hide their true feelings.(It) represents a new genre of musicals, that of sensitivity, intimacy, symbolism and imagery. Displaying a deep emotional relationship between the text and the music, Invisible Tears is a drama in music and movement"
(Chichester Festival Theatre)

music clips from the show:

sound icon Prelude (string ensemble)

sound icon The Meaning of Love (vocals, piano, strings and percussion)

sound icon Cara’s Theme (piano, flute, string ensemble, percussion)

sound icon Invisible Tears (vocals, piano, string ensemble, percussion)

premiered at the Minerva, Chichester festival theatre, 1998, funded by the national lottery. directed by kate betts. Words & music c.1998 neil haydock, julie palmer & leighton evans


Facing The Sea
theatre show facing the sea

Facing the Sea is a one act play, first performed in 1997 and revived for the Chichester Fringe Festival in 2001.

Directed by Kate Betts. Written by Kate Betts, Andrea Clarke, Simon Marshall and Ian Wedd. Music by Neil Haydock


Wilde Times

A new musical theatre show based on stories for children by Oscar Wilde.

Wilde Times

samples of music from the show:

sound icon If You’ve Got The Rhythm (vocals, gospel choir, piano, strings, bass, trumpets, saxophone and trombone)

sound icon Wilde Times Today (string ensemble, organ, piano)

First performed at the Minerva, Chichester Festival Theatre, 2004.  Music by Neil Haydock and Julie Palmer, lyrics by Leighton Evans, story adaptation by Kate Betts.



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