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turn this boat around


I close my eyes and shut out the darkness
Find beauty skies to tone down the harshness
I saw your face it was so etched with sadness
So come with me and we`ll shut out the badness

And when the day has wasted you away 
I`ll take your hand together we will pray
For every stone we turn I`ll wash today
And every chance I get I`ll go your way
Won`t let you lose I`m holding tight to love
These tired shoes have travelled long enough
The little things have worn your spirit down
Let`s take a break and turn this boat around
This boat around


And when your daydreams drift a thousand miles a far
Your ship is failing angry waters beat your bow
I`ll make a river steer your boat to harbour quay
And keep your dreams with mine, your safe with me


We`ll hide inside and shut out the darkness
Here time will sleep and we`ll wake with no harshness
I see your eyes and they lead me to sadness
So hide with me and we`ll shut out the madness

And when your daydreams drift a thousand miles a far...

You`re safe, you`re safe
Safe with me
This boat, this boat, this boat
Turn this boat around, this boat around
Safe with me, you`re safe
You`re safe with me



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