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heaven adores you


You feel forever searching, you`ve never found your home
You walk a land of strangers and always feel alone
Your hope is that tomorrow will change your yesterdays
Your dream seems far away

You build yourself a castle, a shelter from the storm
And hold onto to your loved ones, standing strong and tall
But lurking in the distance your fears tear hope apart
Your walking in the dark


And how I see you, I hear you, I know you
I long to hold you, to know you are safe
I want to lift you, from shadow, from darkness
Heaven adores you, don`t make me wait


And gazing to tomorrow, you miss my jewels today
You`re weak and you are hungry, yet push my hand away
And walking past my table, the feast had just begun
You`re always on the run


And how I see you, I hear you, I know you...


And how I see, I hear you, I know you
I trust you, I feel you, I see you, I feel you




music & lyrics c.2001 julie palmer & neil haydock



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