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a flimsy kind of friend


I know I lost you on the way to paradise
Please let me pay the price
For I am hoping that I`ll get the chances twice
Will my love melt the ice?

I know I failed you
I know I`ll fail you always
Out of my depth 
I just can`t think what to say
Except that baby
I`ve been a flimsy kind of friend

I know we`re drifting and we`re almost out of sight
Please let me put things right
Your anger blinds me yet you hurt so much inside
Let`s wash away this pride

I know I failed you...

Catching your eye 
I`m afraid
I`ve lost your love
Your trust is cold
Your afraid
You shut me out

I know I failed you...


music & lyrics c.2001 julie palmer & neil haydock



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