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i hear a cry


I hear a cry from the lonely people 
Another sigh from the lonely people
So left behind, the walking blind 
The focused mind just passes them right by

I wonder why when there`s a blue sky passing
Your life is high there`s just no time for sorrow
The soul alone, the heart is stone
You hurry home and just pass them right by 


I`ve been that place before
My heart was so cold it took years to thaw
So locked away before
I didn`t wan`na face what I knew I could ignore

And now I feel the pain, walk with the one in sorrow
I seize the day like there is no tomorrow
No pain, no gain, I brave the rain
Never again will I pass you right by 

And now I cry I feel my brothers suffering
Your life is mine let my love stop at nothing
My heart alive, I can`t deny
Never again will I pass you right by


I`ve been that place before...


music & lyrics c.2001 julie palmer & neil haydock



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