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The role of music in film

One can think of few films which do not use music in some way, either as an underscore, a title track, or as a featured song or moment. At times, instrumental underscores can have a subtle and even subliminal effect on the audience. Because the focus of our attention is on the visual action and narrative, we are often unconscious of how the music is shaping and influencing our emotional response to the scene. At other times, the music can play a much more dominant and overt role in film - determining the pace of the editing or transforming mundane scenes into ones filled with dread or terror - such as in Bernard Hermann's remarkable score for "Psycho" (1960).

The following are some examples taken from Neil Haydock's film media work:-


The Biggest Thing That Ever Hit Broadway

With the dawning of a new millennium, Frank Freebie and his accountant Lloyd Deacon decide to put on a musical show in London as part of an ill-conceived money laundering scheme. . It is ... a chance for the untrained, untried, untested Richard Howell, son of one of the misguided backers, to get into show business. But a fateful encounter between Howell and an irascible Genie jeopardises the show and shatters Howell’s life…

sound icon Just Another Saturday

sound icon City By The Bay

original score & lyrics Anthony Rooke

musical arrangements and production Neil Haydock



New Works

Neil is continually working on new material suitable for tv themes and incidental film music.

Here are some examples of work in pre-production:-

sound icon Vibaphonic Interiors (incidental music for design programmes)

sound icon Without You (contemporary drama theme music)

sound icon Dreamquake (incidental piano music for atmospheric sequence)

sound icon Rescue (police/fire/medical drama theme music)


Music Through Time

Music Through Time is a production music CD by Neil Haydock. Released in 1996 by Capernaum Publishing, it has been used by various film production companies (for example, September Films, for a documentary on Marilyn Monroe) and by the BBC.

music clips from the album:

1960’s “Motown” style sound icon Brand New Day

1900’s  Scott Joplin style sound icon Railroad Rag


Multimedia Commissions

Over the years, Neil has worked with various corporate clients and institutions. Commissioners include the Ministry of Defence, and work for 3M International, amongst many others.

samples of commissioned work:

sound icon Lay

sound icon Walk Near You

Commissioning music by Neil Haydock

Neil offers competitive rates for your film production - whether this is for corporate media or commercial broadcast quality needs. Please feel free to contact him now to discuss your requirements.


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