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Approaches to composing music for dance

Historically, there has always been a strong relationship between movement and music. Even at a primitive level, as soon as man was able to walk, he was able to step in time with some kind of tribal rhythm or drumbeat.

Within the serious music tradition, composers often create works which then choreographers devise movement to, such as the creative relationship between composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer Michel Fokine, and their creations of the ballets "The Firebird" (1910) and "Petrushka" (1911). At other times composers and choreographers may develop a work together, with the choreographer suggesting moods, styles and tempos and then the composer working to this brief to produce musical sections that reflect these requirements.

In this section of the website, you'll find examples of both approaches. "Disturb Us, Lord" illustrates the first approach, where a soundtrack was created and then choreographers interpreted the composition.The second section covers Neil's work with Masquerade. Here, the music developed out of a close working relationship with the choreographers.

Disturb Us, Lord (prayerscapes film)

'Disturb Us Lord', is a contemporary dance interpretation of a 16th century prayer attributed to Sir Francis Drake.

Masquerade is an integrated dance company, based in Sussex, England. With funding from The Bodyshop and West Sussex County Council, Neil has been commissioned to score several soundtracks for their live performances at The Venue, West Sussex.

Dream Ticket (2002)
Within the glamour of the public transport system, travellers take a journey from beach to city, between love and laughter and around the landscapes of their imagination.
(Choreographed by Jo Cone and Estelle Palmer, with additional material by Jenni Dodd).
A work in ten sections – departure, daylight robbery, dream reel, onward bound, chance meeting, full steam ahead, Logos to Ilorin, rush hour, sun sand storm, arrival.
Run time: 29 minutes

sound icon Sound clip: excerpt from “departure


Who Am I? (2000)
“Who Am I” is a roller-coaster ride of physical theatre, comedy and drama. This dance work explores family relationships, self-image, and issues surrounding identity. It is a celebration of the creativity found within people with learning disabilities.
A work in nine sections: opening, the seasons of life, dressing up, the entertainers, come inside, don’t box me in, I am the same, finale, I am the same (reprise). Run time: 22 minutes
sound icon Sound Clip: excerpt from “finale

The Cat Wizard (1999)
A fantastical tale of catnapping, magical dust and the awakening of dreams and ambitions.
(Choreographed by Karen Woolcott)
(featuring the song “When the sun is shining down on me”)

Run time: 18 minutes
sound icon Soundclip: excerpt from “All my love” section

the cat wizard

To The Power of Two (1998)
 “To The Power of Two” explores the power of relationships. The work is devised so that each person with a learning disability is partnered with another dancer from the wider community.
(Choreographed by Karen Woolcott & Julie Palmer)
A work in four movements – Trust – Conflict – Survival - Overcoming

Run time: 14 minutes
sound icon Sound clip: excerpt from “Survival




If you're currently looking to commission a composer for a new dance work, you may wish to consider contacting Neil to discuss your requirements and deadlines for completion. He will be able to advise you on his availability and how much the work will cost to create.

Suitable instrumentals for dance pieces

Alternatively, you may wish to use some of the music Neil has already created for your dance work. Each piece is between four and five minutes long. For a small fee, these works can be payed for via paypal and downloaded in mp3 form:-


between your shadow and mine

play clip

$1.50 via paypal

the dreamers

play clip

$1.50 via paypal

feel my heartbeat

play clip

$1.50 via paypal

live full lives

play clip

$1.50 via paypal



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