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Due to other work commitments, Neil recently finished teaching Cubase. However, it is hoped that this page will be useful as a guide for those interested in Cubase lessons.

Versions covered:-

Cubase SX 3, Cubase 4, Cubase 4.5 and Cubase 5

Neil is a music tutor with over fifteen years of experience in teaching music composition and music technology. Until recently he taught on a one on one basis in West Sussex and Hampshire including Chichester, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, and Midhurst.

Lessons were tailored to the requirements of the individual, and included:-

basic setup - linking Cubase with your keyboard, speakers and mixing desk (if used), troobleshooting techniques

basic recording - beginning a project, recording midi and audio, and common issues encountered

intermediate recording - editing midi data, using the transport window, audio manipulation, adding basic effects

advanced recording - automation, audio warping, advanced effects (adding compression, limiting, eq to the mix etc)

basic vsti - working with Halion One and other Cubase vsti's

advanced vsti - adding and working with third-party virtual instruments such as Stylus RMX, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, and Gigastudio.

advanced hardware applications - use of Teleport (networking computers as slaves to run vsti's), use of TC Electronics Powercore


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