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This is a neat trick if you’re finding that you have lots of tracks in your project page, and it’s getting difficult to keep tabs on all of them. Are you finding that you keep needing to scroll up and down to find the track you’re looking for? Then it’s worth considering organising your project into folder parts.


Creating Folders

To create a folder, simply got to "project" on the main navigation and select "folder". A folder track will appear below the nearest highlighted track. You may elect to use folders to group your material into different categories. For example, you could have folders for "backing vocals", "unused material", "drums" etc. (Folders can be renamed by clicking on them). Once you've decided what material you would like in the folder, then simply select the track in question and drag it onto the folder track.

It's also possible to "mute" or "solo" folders (you'll notice the buttons for this on the track lane) - this is a useful function for quickly controlling whole sections. For example, you might have a "vocals" folder, which you could then mute, and this instantly creates a backing track - without having to find and mute all the respective vocal tracks.


Folders within folders
For more complex arrangements, you can have folders that live within folders. For example, let’s say that you’ve recorded a string section, and to create it, each instrument has been recorded several times in order to give the feeling of an ensemble. You could then create a folder for violins, and for violas and cellos. Drag the track parts onto their respective folders, and then create a new folder, and call it “ensemble strings”. Then drag the folder tracks into this track.


Deleting or moving tracks in folders
It’s possible to delete any track contained in a folder, just as you would normally do this. E.g. by selecting the track and hitting the del key, or using the rubber tool. Folders can also be deleted – but approach this with caution, as deleting a folder will delete all it’s contents!
Tracks that have been placed in folders can also be removed from them by grabbing them and moving them above or below the folder track.

For further reading on this visit "Sound on Sound's" cubase article on folders. (This is a little dated now, as it refers to SX 3, but the principles still apply)


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