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Music Composer

neil haydock: music composer and arranger

Neil's career has taken him on a musical journey which covers many disciplines - from the web of musical theatre, to the sound of big band swing -  from large orchestral works to experimental electronic scores. Neil seeks to create an original sound with each new commission or collaboration.

Neil is a music writer for TV, film, dance and the stage. As well as work for the BBC and ITV, he has also undertaken several commissions as a musical arranger, including “Music 2000”, featuring Art Garfunkel. Neil has also completed a commission for the score to the British movie “The Biggest Thing That Ever Hit Broadway”.

For the stage, Neil has collaborated with West End playwright Kate Betts, in 1998 for the musical “Invisible Tears”, and also in 2004 for the children’s musical “Wilde Times”. Both musicals were professionally staged in the Minerva at the internationally acclaimed Chichester Festival Theatre. Neil has also had the pleasure of working with Oxford University Press (China), composing and arranging the score for a new musical for teenagers entitled “Nothing Is Impossible!”, premiered in Hong Kong in November 2009. In recent years Neil has been developing soundtracks and films for Prayerscapes, a multimedia creative prayer resource available at Youtube, and published on all the major digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify. With over 6 million views at its Youtube channel, Prayerscapes is used widely across the world in schools, prisons, churches, conferences and even Hawaiian wedding ceremonies!

Neil currently lives and works in Chichester, England.

note from neil:

Hi and welcome to the site!

Music is my passion and my fascination. The beauty of chords one after the other, the pulsing of exotic rhythms, a soaring melody or an extraordinary series of sounds – these are the things which captivate and intrigue me. These are the moments which I seek to create.

Feel free to browse the site and explore some of the commissions I've received in the worlds of musical theatre, film soundtracks , and music for dance. It’s great to be able to share some of these works with you. And if you're a fellow contemporary music composer, you might also be interested in browsing my music composing and cubase recording tutorials

And remember that I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions!

Neil Haydock Music Composer


Influences and education

Neil's musical influences are wide and varied, ranging from the minimalism of Steve Reich and Michael Nyman to the contemporary sounds of modern day mainstream music. As well as a first class honours in Music and Related Arts, he also has an M.A. in music from Sussex University. Between 1990 and 1991 Neil had the privilege of studying music composition under Professor Jonathan Harvey (1939-2012).






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